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The Empowered Empath Manifestion Method
"Yesterday I experienced something so simple, yet so profound that today I remain in awe. It was just a hike, just putting one foot in front of the other on a trail through the forest. Just conversation between friends. Just a regular day. Then Jaia invited me to try a simple visualization exercise. She spoke, we walked, I imagined. In only a few minutes, we were still walking, still putting one foot in front of the other, but I was different. Changed by only words and thought. As Jaia continued to guide me with her words, I uncovered what my soul had been looking and longing for, for many years. There were tears and jumping, laughter and celebration. I kept asking, "How can it be that simple?" Many years of counselling hadn't brought me to this point. I had goose bumps when I realized what this breakthrough meant for me, meant for my life and those that share it with me. I tried to find words big enough to thank Jaia, but they don't exist. I reveled in the fact that I knew the path forward.  Jaia reveled in my joy. " Sue Benner Johnsen, 2020
The Empowered Empath Manifestation Method
 available online or in person
Are you searching for a way to permanently improve your life?  Are you dreaming of living a more fulfilling lifestyle?  Do you want to wake up happy everyday?  Are you ready to change your life permanently and easily for the better?  This simple method is the tool to help you become the person your soul knows you are deep inside, the best version of you.  Create a happier, healthier version of you immediately by achieving a specific result immediately!  You do not need to be able to practice meditation to learn and use this simple method.  It is available to anyone and you will feel it working right away!  It works instantly and you will feel the change happening by the completion of the exercise.  
$500 for the first treatment series
 The Empowered Empath Manifestation method is fully Guaranteed to produce immediate results that are tangible right away! This is a lifechanging tool you will take with you that will help you reach any future goal.  You CAN attain your dreams.  This is not a therapy, this is not work, this is not a meditation.  It is a clear cut way to restore the best version of who you desire to be right away.  Results are immediate and tangible!
- say goodbye to old addictions
- heal sensitive relationship issues
- become more confident
- become more financially stable over time
- create and become the new empowered YOU
-draw in your Soul Family support system
-create lasting and permanent change to your life
- become empowered in your career
-connect with clients who love and appreciate you and your work
-find and create your soul's vision and turn it into reality NOW
- focus on changing your life into your wildest dreams
-become the happiest version of you
- experience real and rapid growth starting with one session 
-experience yourself in a totally empowering way
-Permanently change your life for the better
- Save hours and $$$ spent on classic therapies that take more time to complete and longer to produce permanent life change if they do at all!
-Instantly feel yourself change!  It IS Instant!
*full money back guarantee does not apply if you are not open to freeing yourself of old blockages and changing your life into a life you love once and for all!!!
 More Testimonials!
"My heart feels really open. I feel excited, inspired and empowered. I can't wait to take action on what I just discovered. I have a brand new road map to my dreams that I didn't have 15 minutes ago. I am very surprised and awe inspired by the new ideas and strategies that came to me. And the crystal clarity that came to me so quickly. This is better than years of therapy and traditional personal growth programs. I can see my whole life changing very rapidly now and my dreams manifesting with absolute ease. Already since the first time I did this my income has tripled. " Sharon J Love, M.Ed Psychology 2020
"An incredibly fast process that helps you to be the person you want to be!  It helps you to clear the resistance and blocks and makes you shine!  I'm loving the visualization!"  Basia Bigder, RN 2020
"Today was my introduction to Jaia's technique.  It was simple, quick and POWERFUL!!! it felt like I reclaimed part of myself which had been missing and as this part entered my body I began to feel whole.  Love surrounded my heart and a warm tingly sensation encompassed my body.  This all in under a minute!!! i can't wait to experience the full extent of The Empowered Empath Manifestation Method!!!  Jaia is AMAZING!!!"  Lisa Richards 2020
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