Every company needs easily identifiable branding which may be associated throughout websites, print and video.  Sometimes only a revamp or refresh is necessary, other times an entire concept is born!

As of 2019 Jaia is currently not offering graphic design or website building services as she is choosing to focus on her arts and healing.  Thank you for your interest!

2018 Printed poster designs for Lisa's Yoga Events

2018 Branding and company logo design for print and web

2018 Business Cards with logo made for print, shown front then back

2017 logo refreshed version of original logo for Lisa's Yoga

2017 Avadata Yoga logo Mehndi design branding for print and web

2017 Lisa's Yoga logo with Lotus design for print and web

2017 branding and logo for Cindy's Kundalini Yoga website and print

2015 The Dive Team branding and logo for video, web and print

2015 3D logo reveal created in 3D Studio Max with After Effects

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