"Thanks for this great reading. One thing that I wasn't expecting would resonate me is the twin flames union you mentioned. It was jaw dropping. Thank you." Cora Oo, YouTube 2022
"Thank you for taking time out of your day to uplift my spirit. You are amazing and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your messages and readings!!! You are a gift!! Blessed be ✨"Jaime Tate, YouTube  2022
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Jaia has been practicing as a psychic intuitive since she first picked up a regular deck of cards at the age of 16 and learned the meanings behind them.  She was gifted her first three sets of tarot cards by different people in her life who recognized her abilities.   She offered readings privately for friends and family.  Now it is 28 years later and she is offering readings as a professional in her field.
Are you looking for clarity, guidance and insight into your life?  You can book a reading with Jaia, the original empowered empath.  Jaia offers a very short turnaround for you, all readings are done within 12-24hrs within receiving your payment & information.  She can answer your burning questions right away.  She accept clients worldwide and uses Paypal for payments.
Once we have received your information and payment,  Jaia will record your personal reading.  Within 12-24hrs she sends you the secure, unlisted video link back to your email.  The video cannot be searched for or accessed by anyone else who does not have the link.    Jaia provides you with lots of detail and clarity on your path using tarot and connecting to your spiritual guides, angels, soul family and passed on loved ones.  Please check your junk mail or spam as emails can sometimes end up there.  Everything is confidential and never shared with anyone else.   
*Please note that topics around medical health, death or lawsuits cannot be answered.
Empower the Empath Video Tarot Readings done within 12-24hrs 
 $100cdn for up to 2 questions in a 10 minute long video reading (PayPal)

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