As a child I lived through life changing trauma without the best support systems in place. At the same time I was bullied and often sat alone, as a young child at school.  There was nowhere safe for me to exist.  I suffered in silence.  It was a struggle for me to regulate emotionally as I'd been misdiagnosed and administered prescription after prescription from grade two onward.  None of the solutions offered to me by modern day medicine solved my issues and I was left wondering why I went there in the first place.   I was labelled to be unmanageable, misunderstood, wild and unreachable.  Worse yet, I couldn't speak up to defend myself or share the secret of the terrible trauma I'd endured.  By age eleven I was smoking and drinking.  Illicit drugs became part of my daily life soon after.   I slipped into inter-generational patterns of abuse and poverty.  I gave up on myself.   My life wasn't what I thought it would be.
I feared intimacy.  I lived the majority of my life with disabilities that went unseen. It felt as though I had no safe way to express myself as I lost my voice slowly over time.  My struggle with depression and anxiety felt like a losing battle.   As I grew older I seemed incapable of stability and career success, but I wondered, was it really me or was something wrong with the world around me?   
With spiritual help, I became committed to improving my life.  I didn't know how I believed that being a good person and working hard would lead me to abundance.   That never worked in the past reality.  A small victory came when I finally got promoted to an account manager, but they chose to pay me less than half of what all the other managers were making.   My self worth plummeted.  My life seemed hopeless.  I became sad and empty, a shell of who I was when I was born.   I returned to addictions of all kinds to make it through the days.   No matter how hard I tried to search for a way to end the effects of the trauma on my life, nobody could help me.  I wanted the trauma out.  I did not own it since it wasn't mine.  Instead, I cleared it out of my energy body and learned how to help others to do the same.
With my spiritual guides at my side, I began to pull myself out of the depths by teaching myself how to fully love who I am.   I figured out the best way to use my addictions in my favour.   I became a Reiki Master and studied energy healing for over nineteen years, in order to help myself and others heal their trauma.  I  managed to turn my eating disorders into a passion for health and wellness.   In just three years, I healed a lifetime's worth of severe trauma, anxiety and CPTSD.  I discovered the way to create the real me that I always wanted to be and I brought her into the world that you see today.  Today I take no mood enhancers.  I am comfortable experiencing my full range of emotions because I feel empowered in my life.  I am emotionally confident.   I overcame my fears.  I expanded into a life full of excitement with daily adventures and began new, healthy, long term relationships. It was during this time I saw my life purpose is to help others also become happier and become fulfilled in their lives!  I bonded with my deepest most inner self and, as a whole person, and I created a brand new system to bring my empowered self straight into reality.  
Traditional medication, internal family systems, DBT, CBT, talk psychotherapy, EMDR, yoga, meditation, self parenting and other countless options weren't producing the change I wanted to see in my life so I created my own spiritually engineered solution.  Now I sculpt my life on a daily basis to meet my desires.  I no longer carry any addictions, but my life is full of healthy relationships, motivation for healthy living,  adventures and inspirational passions now.  You or your loved ones can do the same.  I know it.
Jaia Konik
Author, Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Intuitive and Inspirational Speaker

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