Over the past six years Jaia actively pursued and went through a kundalini awakening, her past life memories of Lemuria/Atlantis surfaced and other time periods where she played similar roles as a psychic intuitive and healer or a shaman.  Many of these memory sessions are posted to her youtube channel as she did enlist the help of past life regressionist, Marilyn Kaufman  in order to go deeply into the truth of her past lives once the memories began surfacing on their own.  Confirming what has been a magical experience for Jaia.  But she does not require any hypnotism or therapy in order to read the lives of other people.
Her ability to connect to past times is a skill which Jaia uses to channel the symbolism which she paints into all of her own art work.  During her awakening her light language was confirmed by a number of healers, including Susie Beiler,  who runs The Creation Temple, based out of Sedona.  Susie produced a documentary in which Jaia and her artwork is featured.  Follow this link to the full video on youtube here.
Unique Spiritually Engineered - Energetic Pieces
While every piece of art Jaia creates is highly intentioned, the following named pieces have a special energetic quality about them.  They come with a highly detailed explanation for the intention including references to Taro-ology, Horoscope, Rock Crystals, Flora, intention and a certificate of authenticity.
"Manifest Pure Magic"
 This original artisan work above was spiritually engineered with the highest intentions to help clear and safely store semi-precious stones or jewelry and to make manifest deep intentions!  Instead of storing items you may alternatively use the case as a vessel for manifesting.
This piece has received a powerful gong bath, smudging sage and many blessings. The copper wires have been formed based on Reiki symbols and help to channel and move pure positive energy throughout the piece. The copper swirls inside act as a super charger. All of the semi-precious stones which adorn the outside work to clear and intensify this energy.
Precious Stones and Flora,  Numerology: 6, 12 and 1
Astrology: Born on the Cusp of Aquarius and Pisces gives this spiritually engineered piece a very light and pure, loving energy.
SOLD $250
"Aquarian Spirit"
This channeled piece above was made specifically for a special person and it matches their own astrological sign and numerology as well as it works to clear and charge the contents of anything that is placed within the box.  This creation is currently owned and is in a private collection.
“The Empress”
This original artisan work above was crafted with the highest intentions for the new owner to help clear and safely
Precious Stones, flora, white sage leaves, green moss,
Taro-ology: The Empress
Numerology: 4, 8, 9
Astrology: Taurus
SOLD  $220
Hand Painted Clothing Sold

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