From clients who had readings, reiki healing or purchased art 
"To say it makes sense is an understatement!!! You have blown my mind I will be contacting you soon for a paid reading!!!! Is there a way I can send you a donation for this one?! You are AMAZING!!  Anyone who doubts you is missing out on a glimpse into their future!!!! Thank you again so very much!!!!"  - Amanda Lynn Daley, received free online mini intuitive photo reading, May 2020
"On the day of Jaia's reiki treatment I could strongly feel a cluster of energy move, and I needed no pain medication that day."  Reiki client, Nov 2019
"Thanks so much ma'am I got a free mini reading from you. And they are all accurate can't express how much gratitude I feel that you alone understands how I feel. Thank you so much dear. " - Ugbena Divine Martha, received a free mini tarot reading March 2020"
"Among other things, I have worked with Jaia to remove energetic blockages. She gave me insight about where they were, root causes and real time instruction removing them. After the session I felt re-energized, optimistic, and equipped with further understanding I could carry forward. - Ange, ongoing client for Reiki and readings 2017-2019"
"After my reading with Jaia I am feeling more empowered, the message from my dad telling me to slow down and really speak up for my self with no guilt was what I needed to hear.  Jaia's work will be honoured by those that seek her council." Nov 2019
"I felt more awareness and the clearing of my throat chakra.  I truly felt internal shifts after my Reiki treatment with Jaia."  Reiki client, Dec 2019
"I cried tears of gratitude when I read the intuitive message that came with my shirt!" new owner of channelled art work, Oct 2019
 "Jaia Konik thanks so much! You were definitely SPOT ON!!! I totally resonate with everything!"- Lisa Richards, received a free online intuitive photo reading February 2020
"Even months later I found that I continued to draw upon the information I learned during my reading with Jaia." - reading client, August 2019
"I am wearing my new spiritual shirt now and yes!!! The intuitive message resonates with me.  It is all so perfect!" - Nancy Yule, owner of Jaia's spiritual art work, February 2020
"I recently visited with Jaia for an intuitive past life reading. Her sincerity and sweet spirit was apparent, and I felt comfortable immediately. Starting with a chakra meditation, she then had me connect with my higher self and the message I received was amazing and meant so much to me. On to the intuitive past life reading that explained several issues in my current life. Then the advice given to me when she channelled my guides was just what I needed to hear. Jaia’s sincerity and guidance is pure, and I definitely recommend a session with her if you are looking for answers in your life.  Thanks so much Jaia!  Marilyn" - reading client, February 2020
"Jaia Konik you are on point with everything including Egypt and Starseed.  Thank you for the so correct description of my path" - Csilla Brinkacs, received free online intuitive photo reading, January 2020​​​​​​​
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