"Yesterday I experienced something so simple, yet so profound that today I remain in awe. It was just a hike, just putting one foot in front of the other on a trail through the forest. Just conversation between friends. Just a regular day. Then Jaia invited me to try a simple visualization exercise. She spoke, we walked, I imagined. In only a few minutes, we were still walking, still putting one foot in front of the other, but I was different. Changed by only words and thought. As Jaia continued to guide me with her words, I uncovered what my soul had been looking and longing for, for many years. There were tears and jumping, laughter and celebration. I kept asking, "How can it be that simple?" Many years of counselling hadn't brought me to this point. I had goose bumps when I realized what this breakthrough meant for me, meant for my life and those that share it with me. I tried to find words big enough to thank Jaia, but they don't exist. I reveled in the fact that I knew the path forward.  Jaia reveled in my joy. " Sue Benner Johnsen, kindergarten teacher
Start Here:  I Am Empowered for Life Transformation Program
3 months in succession
 weekly private appointments 
12 appointments and four phases total
Additional features, advantages and benefits
no experience is needed
healing from childhood abuse, sexual abuse and other trauma
learn how to open yourself up emotionally, vulnerably and in a safe way to deepen your relationship
 do not need to know how to meditate
clients feels immediate relief, self soothing, motivational, empowering
the fast track to self guided, facilitated assistance on the twin flame journey
increased intuitive ability and self validation
highest success rate for clients in shortest amount of time compared to traditional therapies which take years
client is always at the helm of their own healing
works very gently, there are no big, scary shifts
client can now begin to take control of old patterns if they choose, instead of being helplessly triggered by them
restores confidence and well being
clients consistently report having a higher state of self awareness just after the second phase, that's only after two hours of meeting with me
we focus on exactly what the client needs that day during Phase four to treat the most prominent cycles and patterns in their vibration
can feel it working immediately
allows for great healing in limited time
 It is available to anyone who can visualize and desires long lasting life changes. 
* Delivered over the phone or internet must speaking and understand english and have a solid internet or phone connection
 $2,599 cdn (sliding scale may be available case by case)

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