Reflection Pools in Black and White *Limited Edition 3 of 11 available now
This photo is the first of my photographic career to be shown publicly and sold as a limited edition.  It was taken in Tobermory, Ontario on October 13th, 2018 while I waited on the beach for a colourful sunset.  Instead these moody clouds  spoke to me above the detail of an ages worn, rocky landscape.  I captured the beauty within the emotion conveyed through the scenery that will never be viewed the same way again.   This area will flood and the textured rock is not visible to the eye.  I decided to print this landscape in black and white to emphasize the variety of patterns nature placed together.
18" x 24" $399 cdn
Comes printed on archival luster baryta fine art paper and ships in a tube (rolled work can easily be re-stretched)
Your shipping costs will vary depending on your location and will be included in the grand sales total ​​​​​​
Unfinished Business *Limited Edition 3 of 6 available now
18" x 24" $599 cdn
"Unfinished Business" is my earliest photo print piece as a professional artist.  While the photo was taken in October of 2013,  it would not be shown publicly until December 2019. 
Comes printed on archival luster baryta fine art paper and ships in a tube (rolled work can easily be re-stretched)
Your shipping costs will vary depending on your location and will be included in the grand sales total ​​​​​​
Keep checking back or inquire within as most of my new 2021 works have been entered in art competitions that finalize by the end of this year and will become  posted for sale going into the 2022 year.
Escape From the City  *currently in competition 2021
The best part about city life is having an escape from city life. Here in Port Dalhousie, the marina is located in the downtown area and it's easy to head to your boat for a weekend getaway. The great lakes area in southern Ontario is filled with tiny port cities just like this one with water access points close at hand.
A City Never Sleeps 77" x 20" *currently in competition 2021​​​​​​​
This photo of the city of Hamilton, Ontario was taken October 9th 2021 and is a unique view of the downtown skyline.  It showcases the brilliant hues of the city with its mix of greenery and skyscrapers at night time. ​​​​​​​
Circus Streets and Karaoke Nights *currently in competition 2021
I stood out in the rain during last night's thunderstorm.  Glancing up the road,  I wondered where the crowd had disappeared to when suddenly I heard screeching from across the way.  It turned out that some of the people had retreated into a local karaoke bar to wait out the storm.  The music blasted from speakers pointed at Clifton Hill.   My pants and shoes soaking wet, I got this shot of the lights reflecting in the rain puddles.​​​​​​​
Cliffside at Georgian Bay *currently in competition 2021
Climbing up rock walls with my camera in hand isn't ideal but it's what I needed to do to get the shot. As a photographer, I spend a great deal of time seeking out new, visually appealing venues and it's hard to find a fresh vantage point in a place as busy as The Grotto at Bruce Peninsula Provincial Park.​​​​​​​
On the Brink *currently in competition 2021
It's six o'clock in the morning and I stood next to brink. I felt the thunderous roar of the falls from deep in my bones as the sun pierced through the mist. I took this shot. The flow of this water influences the web of life, it's the electricity to power our houses and has long been a source of inspiration for onlookers.​​​​​​​
Star Lights and Big City Dreams *currently in competition 2021
Being born in southern Ontario and having spent time living in many different major cities, I know all about having dreams of making it big one day. October 9th, Hamilton, Ontario cityscape
Overhanging Point *currently in competition 2021
I transformed this magnificent cliff edge into a wall sized panorama.  it's known as the Overhanging Point in Bruce Peninsula National Park.
Marina Sunburst *currently in competition 2021​​​​​​​
Living On the Edge *currently in competition 2021
Standing on the edge of the cliff with this majestic tree gave me shivers up my spine.  I glanced over the side and it's a long way down through thick Canadian brush.  I couldn't see the bottom.  What was chilling for me, is everyday life for the inhabitants of this forest.
The Calm *currently in competition 2021
It takes guts to walk out onto an Algonquin trail in the middle of thunderstorm and tornado warnings.  But I lived outside for months and hike all the time.  I've slept outside in a tent with wind so frightening the trees bent in half to touch the ground.  I could tell that wherever this storm was going to land, it wouldn't be the brunt of it here.  
Light Up the Falls *currently in competition 2021
I chose to photograph during the thunder storm because I hoped I could get some shots of what the Niagara Falls, Ontario cityscape looks like without all the tourists. Even on this evening, during a thunderstorm, soaking wet couples and families with strollers rushed the area when the rain let up.​​​​​​​
Ragged Falls *currently in competition 2021
After a thunderous down pour, the Oxtongue river is flowing fast. A darkened sky overhead casts a shadow over the Oxtongue River - Ragged Falls Provincial park here in Ontario, but it makes for great cloud cover and enabled me to capture the naturally enhanced beauty during the day
Morning Fog at Overhanging Point *currently in competition 2021
As a photographer we can make the journey, gather our equipment and rise up before dawn to get the shot. What we can't predict is the weather. On this morning the sun never broke through the clouds and I was in position to capture the Overhanging Point, Bruce Peninsula National Park, as a silhouette in a unique fog landscape. I was stationed across the bay. I zoomed in to get the shot while being battered by the wind and rain. The photo looks like I snapped it in monochrome but it's not, it's in full colour.
Point Abino Lighthouse Sunrise *currently in competition 2021
Nothing says weather and sky like a lighthouse. This is the heritage building with the most notoriously restricted access in Canada. It's also a museum. In order to complete my photography assignment I had to paddle out to sea and brave the chop before the sun could rise. I donned my trusty headlamp and headed out, from a secret marina, into the dark. Water on rock had torn apart one of my sandals and it pulled on me in the current. I stood in the dark waiting for the right moment. The water up to my waist, waves pushed my paddleboard away from me and into the shot.​​​​​​​
In the Shadow of Greatness *currently in competition 2021
The Comfort Maple is Canada's oldest sugar maple tree and it may be found in Fenwick, Ontario. An incredible effort has been taken to conserve this piece of Canadian heritage, including the installation of wires, cement and bricks to reinforce the trunk. I warmed up the tone a little so you could feel the sun I was basking in, while I snapped the photo.
Her Majesty *currently in competition 2021
Canada's oldest sugar maple sits on a small conservation area in the middle of farmland. The Comfort Maple is estimated to have lived as long as five centuries. Over time it's been hit by lightning at least once and the blackened bark was repaired using cement, wire and brick. Here I flattened the colour a bit in post to help the foliage stand out better.
Sunkissed Treetops *currently in competition 2021
I planned this wall sized panorama, days before photographing it at Bruce Peninsula National Park. When I hiked back to the spot I chose, I was exhausted because i had been tirelessly scouring the land all over for the best place to set up. The sunset times were scheduled into my calendar so I wouldn't miss the show. When I reached my perch high up on an adjacent cliff and began setting the long exposures, I knew I had the gem I came for. This one photograph took hours of work, planning, traveling, testing and then sitting and waiting for the moment. If I had blinked I could have missed it.
Terraced Cliffside Cascade *currently in competition 2021
The water weaves in and out of this rocky shore as I carefully position myself at the best angle for a photo. This landscape can be hard and unforgiving, but the white cedar trees root here and some were recently dated to be as old as two thousand years. Taken in October, in Bruce Peninsula National Park.
Niagara Falls Gull *currently in competition 2021​​​​​​​
Algonquin Black and White *currently in competition 2021
Ontario Chanterelle *currently in competition 2021

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