Reflection Pools in Black and White *Limited Edition 2 of 6 available for Print
This photo is the first of my photographic career to be shown publicly and sold as a limited edition.  It was taken in Tobermory, Ontario on October 13th, 2018 while I waited on the beach for a colourful sunset.  Instead these moody clouds  spoke to me above the detail of an ages worn, rocky landscape.  I captured the beauty within the emotion conveyed through the scenery that will never be viewed the same way again.   Often this area will flood and the rocks are not visible to the eye.  I decided to print this landscape in black and white to emphasize the variety of patterns nature placed together.

printed on quality fine art photo paper and ships in a tube (rolled work can easily be re-stretched)
Your shipping costs will vary depending on your location and will be included in the grand sales total ​​​​​​

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