Local Live, In Person Intuitive Tarot Reading:
1.  Contact Jaia via email or contact form to schedule a meeting at your home or in a local place in the Niagara Region:  jaiakonik@hotmail.com or contact form
2. We can explore these topics as time allows:  Love, Twinflame, Soulmates in Separation, Family, Finances, Career and more
3. Basic reading 55 min -1 hr 30 min $225.55   (payments made by paypal or cash)
4. Contact via email or contact form to begin:  jaiakonik@hotmail.com or contact form
5.  Jaia will tap into your energy to reveal the clarity you have been searching for.  She will convey messages from your spirit guides in the moment, through her sense of psychic ability as visual imagery, words and messages during the reading. 
Guided Meditation, Mediumship and Past Life Session 
It's a session unlike what most people have ever experienced before.  Go Deep.  During this powerful, private session Jaia will guide you step by step through a meditation designed to empower you to move through your life with ease, then she will perform a past life reading which is extremely personal and is exactly related to what issues are currently in your forefront.  Finally she will call in the spirit of your past on loved ones if you wish or your guardian from the spirit world who can help you with advice, answering questions and providing you with the assurance you are looking for.  You are encouraged to record the session on your phone to review at a later time.
These sessions are only done in a private setting in St. Catharines, in person, with an appointment.  1.5-3 hours in length.  Every experience is unique so allow what needs to flow into your awareness to come.
*eat lightly the day of and the day before, avoid meat products or heavy meals, avoid drug and alcohol use, cut down on vaping/smoking as much as possible prior to your appointment in order to get the most out of your session
"Thanks for this great reading. One thing that I wasn't expecting would resonate me is the twin flames union you mentioned. It was jaw dropping. Thank you." Cora Oo, 2022
"Thank you for taking time out of your day to uplift my spirit. You are amazing and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your messages and readings!!! You are a gift!! Blessed be ✨"Jaime Tate, 2022
"It's the end of the month and everything you said would happen has happened - someone I used to work with has offered me a consultancy role in his company, with really attractive conditions.  thank you for your reading.  I'll be sure not to miss your next readings, especially leo lol its my rising.  I might just watch this again lol"  Chocolate Sugar, 2022
Jaia has been practicing as a psychic intuitive since she first picked up a regular deck of cards at the age of 16 and learned the meanings behind them.  She was gifted her first three sets of tarot cards by different people in her life who recognized her abilities.   At first, she offered readings privately for friends and family.  Now it is 29 years later and she is offering readings as a psychic professional in her field.
*Please note that topics around medical health, death or lawsuits might not be answered to your satisfaction,  as Jaia relies on the spiritual intuitive knowledge from her guides.  This means some information is meant to be unknown until a later time.

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