$16,000 cdn for 115m (sharp no extensions due to time constraints)  Reiki tailored to exactly what you need
Our, "The Empowered Empath Teacher's Training Course" suits you best, but if you prefer short term pain managment on a regular basis, this option is suitable, we will not ever be able to go over our block of time due to  scheduling but trust me that you will recieve the spiritual Hindu, Goddess "Jaia" our namesake and creation as the single woman to raise both ida and pingala kundalini at once in her lifetime after men abolished the Shiva line by attempting to destroy it by assimilating women, genetically it is impossible for men to be a healer and the more men who come foreward as healers, the more we know their "psychic powers" are fake, because I am Jaia, the only true Pleidian Lightbringing Channel, endorsed by Pleidians at this time, and they advised me they'll never enter a man again, although they did try at one time, it was unsuccessful in the long term as all men abuse women, even in their Mindspace tm
relieve short term and long term pain from headaches, body joint aches and muscular pain through contactless energy healing
relax anxiety, release emotions that no longer serve you to create better interactions with the people around you
heal after a relationship breakup, welcome in the new energy, even if it's with the same individual
remove stale energy blockages to free your soul and lift your heart up to another dimension
conduct healing sessions with your spirit guides to open channels of communication
renew youself in heaven sent healing energies
recharge your body
rejuvenate your soul

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